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Kussmaul Auto Eject with Deluxe Cover - Bar Graph Dual Output

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with Deluxe Cover-Bar Graph Display- 10 Red LED Bar Graph/Dual Output


  • 120 Volts AC, 20 Amps
  • Automatically disconnects shoreline
  • Completely sealed
  • Designed specifically for emergency vehicles
  • Eliminates broken shoreline
  • 2 year warranty
  • Compatible with Kussmaul AC2000 and AC4000 chargers
  • Default color for the deluxe digital cover is yellow. Call customer service for different configurations and product numbers

The Super Auto Eject is a completely sealed automatic power line disconnect. This prevents contamination of the mechanism by road dirt, and ensures long reliable life even when mounted in the most severe environment. A novel internal switch arrangement closes and opens the 120 Volt A.C. circuit after the mating connector is inserted, and before the connector is removed. This eliminates arcing at the connector contacts, and assures long contact life. As with all Auto Ejects, the Super Auto Eject is connected to the starter circuit, so that ejection occurs when the engine is cranked