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Kussmaul 110W Solar Charging Flex Kit

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  • UP to 30 degrees of flexibility
  • PERC technology
  • 5 busbar technology which provides efficiency & durability
  • ETFE Protection, extends the lifespan of the panel compared to non-ETFE panels
  • 2 year product warranty


  • Keep up with vehicle loads without running the engine or plugging in
  • Helps comply with anti-idle laws
  • Saves fuel cost and engine maintenance
  • Eliminate the need to jump start reserve vehicles
  • Ideal for vehicles with mobile computers and radios

Kit Includes:

  • Solar Panel: A 110W solar panel with 5 busbars and PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) mono-crystalline cells, a special cell technology that increases module efficiency significantly over standard solar cells.
  • Charge Controller: A 30A Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) flush mounted charge controller is provided to charge and protect your batteries. Featuring an LCD screen, multi-stage battery charging, charging protections, two USB ports and real-time system indicators.
  • PV and Battery Cables: Weather resistant and certified cables are provided to connect the solar panel to the charge controller and from the charge controller to the battery. The PV cables and battery cables, with a built-in fuse and ring terminals, built-in ferrule terminations for quick connections to the charge controller.
  • Mounting Hardware: Mounting screws, cable clamps and tie wraps are included
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 505 Lbs.
DC Volts Range 12
DC Amps Range 5.83
Length 39.2"
Width 26.4"
Height 0.12"