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Federal Signal PA640 Siren / Light Controller

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Experience Counts 
Years of design and manufacturing experience are incorporated into the PA640 making it the most desired siren. Advanced electronics are built into this affordable and compact siren package. PA640 sirens provide 100-watt output and meet Class A and SAE J1849 requirements for sound when paired with any Federal Signal high output speaker. 
Built to last
This compact siren (6.8"W x 3"H x 7.75"D) is packed with standard features, built-in versatility and product reliability that simply can’t be matched by similar competitive products. Nine on-board relays are used to deliver 80 amperes of total switching capacity and can control primary, secondary, take down, alley, and auxiliary lighting circuits. The PA640 siren has two built-in flasher circuits available, provides advanced short circuit protection and allows the installer to easily change switch functions via internal programming. 
Fully featured
Wail, Yelp, Priority or Hi-Lo, Manual Peak-and-Hold, and Air Horn, are all standard tones and can be enabled by a heavy-duty five position rotary switch. There are six backlit rubber membrane auxiliary relay push button switches, a user-friendly four position high current slide switch, separate push buttons for Air Horn and Manual activation, and a rotary PA/Volume control knob – all smartly located on the face-plate. 
Park-Siren Deactivation is built into the PA640 PC board. It is automatically activated once the vehicle transmission is shifted into Park. The Horn Ring Transfer (HRT) function allows siren and light step-through control and delivers effective traffic management, using the steering wheel horn ring.
Complete package
Every siren comes with its own mounting bracket, hard-wired microphone and is electronically short circuit and reverse polarity protected. The PA640 can operate from any 12-volt negative ground electrical system and be powered through a Federal Signal Power Distribution Center or directly from the vehicle’s battery.
Unmatched versatility is achieved through internal programming built into the PA640 siren. Any of the six auxiliary push buttons can be changed from a standard on/off switch into a momentary, flasher, or eight second timer. 
In addition, auxiliary relays, standard tones and even HRT functions can be programmed to operate off of any slide switch position desired. 
Advanced electronic technology that features the use of crystal-controlled microprocessors dramatically enhances the reliability of the PA640 siren. This type of microprocessor continuously monitors current flow between the output transistors and the speaker. This “dynamic” style of short circuit protection between the output transistors and the amplifier delivers a quicker, more effective way to protect your siren warning system.

  • Combined light/siren controls with PA and microphone
  • 100-Watt SAE J1849 and Class A output
  • Internal programmable siren functions
  • Four-position progressive slide switch
  • Six backlit and rubberized relay push-button switches
  • Scrolling TAP II intersection clearing feature
  • Three-year warranty
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