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Federal Signal IMPAXX 6

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Highly Effective Warning
IMPAXX® light heads combine Solaris® reflector technology with the most advanced LEDs for the brightest, most efficient auxiliary, compact light available.
IMPAXX can operate independently, synchronize with other IMPAXX, or synchronize with Federal Signal’s Viper® EXT or Viper® S2 products. IMPAXX light heads are programmed with 24 built-in flash patterns. These patterns can be synchronized to flash in the same pattern, flash in a sliding progression or flash in opposite sequence of each other.

Optimized Lighting
IMPAXX light heads are available with either center focused or off axis lensing. The center focused lens directs the LED light forward making them ideal for front or rear vehicle applications. The advanced off-axis lens provides warning light forward and to both sides, allowing for intersection or side vehicle mounting.  

SpectraLux™ and Takedown Capability
IPX6 models feature our SpectraLux™ multi-color LED capability and are available in single-color models (6-LEDs), two-color models (12-LEDs), or three-color models (18-LEDs). Two-color models or three-color models utilizing White LEDs can be wired to operate the White LEDs in “steady-on” mode to provide additional Takedown capability.

Easy Installation
IMPAXX lights come complete with a weatherproof housing, black bezel, and rubber grommet for quick and easy installation. A wide variety of brackets are available for various vehicle types and applications.

  • High-output LEDs and Solaris® reflector technology
  • SpectraLux™ multicolor LED provides the ability for a LED light head to change color while in operation
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Green and White LEDS
  • Compact size allows for a variety of mount locations
  • Advanced off-axis and center-focused lenses available
  • Fully encapsulated weatherproof housing
  • Wide variety of synchronized patterns
  • Variety of mounting brackets available
  • Five-year Warranty